Dr. Kunal Makhija

Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon
MS - Orthopaedics, MBBS


Dr. Kunal Makhija is an reputed and trusted Orthopedic and Joint replacement surgeon practising in Panvel, Navi Mumbai. He has cleared M.S Orthopaedic Surgery with the silver medal. He did his speciality in Joint replacement (Subvastus Knee replacement) from Bombay Hospital.

Experienced Doctor

A seasoned orthopedic expert, Dr. Kunal Makhija ensures precise care.

Modern Equipments

Dr. Kunal excels with cutting-edge orthopedic tools and technology.

16+ Years Experience

Dr. Kunal Makhija: Transforming lives with 16+ years orthopedic expertise.

2000+ Surgeries

Dr. Kunal Makhija excels with 2000+ knee and hip replacements.

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Diseases & Conditions

Shoulder Diseases & Conditions

Dr. Kunal Makhija, an accomplished Orthopaedic surgeon, demonstrates unparalleled expertise in the realm of shoulder diseases and conditions.

Dedicated to providing holistic care, Dr. Makhija employs both surgical and non-surgical interventions to address shoulder issues. Dr. Kunal Makhija's commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in orthopedic care ensures that his patients receive cutting-edge treatments, fostering a path to recovery and renewed shoulder health.

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Elbow Diseases & Conditions

Dr. Kunal Makhija, an adept Orthopaedic surgeon, possesses expertise in addressing a variety of elbow diseases and conditions. With a keen understanding of the complex anatomy and function of the elbow joint, he is well-equipped to diagnose and treat issues ranging from common conditions like tennis elbow and golfer's elbow to more intricate cases such as ligament injuries and arthritis affecting the elbow.

Dr. Makhija employs a personalized treatment strategy, which may include non-surgical interventions like physical therapy or, when necessary, surgical procedures to restore optimal function and alleviate pain, ensuring his patients receive tailored and effective care for their specific elbow-related concerns.

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Hand & Wrist Diseases & Conditions

Dr. Kunal Makhija, a distinguished Orthopaedic surgeon, possesses expertise in addressing a myriad of hand and wrist diseases and conditions. With a keen understanding of the intricate anatomy and functionality of these crucial extremities, Dr. Makhija offers precise diagnoses and tailored treatment plans to alleviate discomfort and restore optimal hand and wrist function.

Patients under the care of Dr. Kunal Makhija can trust in his dedication to enhancing their hand and wrist well-being through personalized, state-of-the-art orthopedic care.

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Hip Diseases & Conditions

Dr. Kunal Makhija, an adept Orthopaedic surgeon, demonstrates exceptional expertise in addressing a myriad of hip diseases and conditions. With a keen focus on comprehensive patient care, he adeptly navigates the complexities of ailments like osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, and femoroacetabular impingement.

Dr. Makhija's compassionate approach, coupled with his extensive knowledge, establishes him as a trusted ally for individuals seeking relief from hip-related afflictions, fostering a sense of confidence and comfort in the midst of orthopedic challenges.

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Knee Diseases & Conditions

Dr. Kunal Makhija, an accomplished Orthopaedic surgeon, demonstrates expertise in the intricate realm of knee diseases and conditions. With a keen understanding of the musculoskeletal system, he adeptly diagnoses and treats issues ranging from common injuries like ligament tears and meniscal damage to complex conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis affecting the knee joint.

In his dedicated practice, Dr. Makhija employs a holistic approach, integrating cutting-edge surgical interventions with personalized rehabilitation strategies.

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Foot & Ankle Diseases & Conditions

Dr. Kunal Makhija, a dedicated Orthopaedic surgeon, possesses expertise in addressing a myriad of foot and ankle diseases and conditions. He employs a patient-centric approach, emphasizing conservative treatments like physical therapy and custom orthotics while seamlessly integrating advanced surgical interventions when necessary, ensuring optimal outcomes for his patients.

His commitment extends beyond conventional treatments, as Dr. Kunal Makhija remains at the forefront of advancements in foot and ankle orthopedics.

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Benefits Of Robotic Surgery

Dr. Kunal Makhija's orthopedic clinic embraces the cutting-edge advantages of robotic surgery, revolutionizing patient care. With enhanced precision and minimal invasiveness, robotic procedures reduce recovery time and postoperative discomfort.

Accurate And Precise

Robotic technology surpasses traditional surgical methods in precision and accuracy, significantly mitigating the potential for complications.

Minimal Scarring

In Panvel, robotic surgery routinely employs smaller incisions to minimize scarring and expedite patient recovery.

Less Blood Loss

Robotic surgery's precision and accuracy result in minimal blood loss during the procedure.

Less Pain

Thanks to the smaller incisions and minimal impact on surrounding tissue, patients undergoing robotic surgery typically experience reduced pain and discomfort.

Treatments We Provide

Dr. Kunal Makhija's orthopaedic surgeon clinic is dedicated to providing cutting-edge treatments for musculoskeletal conditions. With a focus on personalized care, Dr. Makhija employs advanced surgical techniques and non-invasive therapies to ensure optimal outcomes for his patients. From joint replacements to sports injuries, the clinic is a hub of expertise, fostering a commitment to restoring mobility and improving overall quality of life.

Subvastus Knee Replacement

Optimize mobility with Subvastus Knee Replacement at Dr. Kunal Makhija's clinic.

Partial Knee Replacement

Revitalize mobility at Dr. Kunal Makhija's Ortho Clinic.

Hip Replacement

Dr. Kunal Makhija: Expert Hip Replacement for Lasting Mobility.

Knee Arthroscopy

Expert knee arthroscopy care at Dr. Kunal Makhija's clinic.

Robotic Knee Replacement

Revolutionize knee care at Dr. Kunal Makhija's clinic!

Robotic Hip Replacement

Revolutionize hip care at Dr. Kunal Makhija's clinic: Robotics-enhanced replacements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore mobility and enhance the quality of life for our patients. Committed to providing comprehensive orthopaedic care, we strive for excellence in diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Driven by a patient-centric approach, we aim to combine cutting-edge medical technology with compassionate care, ensuring personalized and effective solutions for musculoskeletal health. Your well-being is our priority, and we are dedicated to guiding you on the path to recovery and optimal orthopaedic wellness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to redefine orthopedic care by prioritizing patient-centric solutions and embracing cutting-edge technologies. We aspire to be a beacon of excellence, fostering a compassionate environment where every individual receives personalized and comprehensive orthopedic treatment. Driven by a commitment to innovation, we aim to set new standards in musculoskeletal health, ensuring that our patients regain mobility and lead fulfilling lives. With a focus on continuous improvement, we strive to be the trusted destination for top-notch orthopedic care under the expert guidance of Dr. Kunal Makhija.

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