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elbow conditions recovery

Although therapeutic modalities like electrical stimulation and ultrasound may be used by your PT during your elbow rehab, exercise should be the mainstay in your PT program. Your physical therapist will likely develop a home exercise program for you to do to improve your elbow range of motion (ROM) and strength so you can get back to normal use of your arm.

The exercises can be done daily as part of an elbow rehabilitation program. Before starting this, or any other exercise program, check in with your doctor to ensure that exercise is safe for your specific condition.

Various physical exercises which are helpful in the rehabilitation procedure are :

  • Elbow Flexion : Elbow flexion refers to your ability to bend your elbow. Actively bend your elbow up as far as possible, then grasp your forearm or wrist with your other hand and gently add overpressure.
  • Elbow Extension : To improve your ability to fully straighten your elbow, you must work on elbow extension ROM exercises. To do this, sit in a chair with your elbow resting on a table. You may want to rest your upper arm on a pillow or folded towel for comfort.
  • Forearm Supination : The ability to turn your wrist over so your hand faces up is called supination, and this motion occurs at both your elbow and at your wrist joint.
  • Forearm and Elbow Pronation : Forearm pronation refers to your ability to turn your hand over so your palm faces the floor. This motion is extremely important in performing tasks such as pouring a cup of coffee or playing the piano.