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Partial Knee Replacement is a surgery in which only damaged part of knee is replaced with implant which retains 70 percent of normal knee and patient can get back to normal work very soon with almost minimal physical therapy and can do all normal activities without restrictions.

What is Partial Knee Replacement?

In Thirty percent of Knee arthritis patients, it is seen that only inner aspect of Knee joint (medial) portion cartilage is involved and these patients need partial Knee replacement which is replacing just the damaged portion of knee joint just 30% of Knee joint is replaced.

What are advantage of partial knee Replacement?

Partial knee Replacement (Microplasty) or unicondylar Replacement is changing only the damaged portion of Knee there by keeping the original 70% of Knee intact. Partial Knee Replacement by preserving the original Knee helps the patient in normal life very early with minimal or no rehabilitation after surgery.

Ishtar ago limit to partial Knee Replacement?

No, Partial Knee Replacement can be done in young patients as well as old patients. We have done surgery at 45 yrs. as well as 80 years. The main advantage of surgery is its early recovery, back to normal life like going to office, attending functions, climbing stairs, going for walks & driving a car.

What is recovery time after partial Knee replacement?

Partial Knee replacement (Microplasty) has extremely less recovery time patients gone to office and driven car 10-15 days, after surgery and they easily walk on same day of surgery.

Can a patient if he/she wants partial or total knee Replacement?

No, it’s a doctor’s/ expert decision as it is done in patients with partial arthritis almost 30% of patient can be treated with partial knee replacement instead of total Knee Replacement.

What is advice for patients who have knee pain but are having active social and professional life?

If only medial/partial aspect of Knee arthritis is reason partial knee replacement is perfect for such patients as it will help them to deliver and perform better on professional and social activities with pain free knee.

Partial Knee Replacement