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Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery in Navi Mumbai by Dr. Kunal Makhija

Robotic Knee Replacement surgery in panvel, navi mumbai

Dealing with hip pain can severely limit your daily activities. If you're seeking a solution, robotic hip replacement surgery might be the answer. Discover the innovative realm of Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery in Navi Mumbai, expertly performed by Dr. Kunal Makhija, a distinguished specialist in orthopedic and joint replacement procedures.

Introduction to Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery

Imagine having the precision of robotic technology combined with the expertise of a skilled surgeon focusing on your hip.

Robotic hip replacement surgery utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver precise and personalized treatment for hip conditions.

Who is Dr. Kunal Makhija?

  • Dr. Kunal Makhija stands out as a leading expert in orthopedic, joint, and robotic hip replacement surgery in Navi Mumbai.
  • With extensive qualifications including an MS in Orthopaedics and an MBBS, he is dedicated to restoring mobility and alleviating pain for his patients.
  • His practice in Navi Mumbai boasts advanced facilities to ensure optimal care for every individual.
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Why Choose Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery?

Opting for robotic hip replacement surgery offers distinct advantages over traditional methods:

Precision: Robotic technology enables highly accurate cuts and implant placements.

Personalization: Each surgery is tailored using 3D models of the hip for customized surgical plans.

Recovery: Less invasive techniques often lead to quicker recovery times and reduced postoperative discomfort.

Longevity: Improved implant positioning can enhance the lifespan of the hip replacement.

ROSA® Knee System is a Robotic Advancements In Total Knee Replacement to assist surgeon in customizing the precise placement of your knee implant to fit your needs.

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Comparison: Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery vs. Traditional Hip Surgery

Aspect Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery Traditional Hip Surgery
Precision Utilizes robotic precision for exact cuts and placements. Relies solely on surgeon's manual skill.
Personalization Customized surgical plans based on 3D models of the hip. Follows a more standardized approach.
Recovery Time Typically shorter due to minimally invasive techniques. Often involves longer recovery periods.
Postoperative Pain Reduced due to precise procedures and minimal tissue damage. Can result in higher post-surgical discomfort.
Implant Longevity Enhanced due to accurate placement of implants. May vary depending on the accuracy of manual placement.
Risk of Complications Lower with robotic assistance ensuring controlled surgery. Higher as outcomes depend on manual execution.
Surgical Consistency Offers high consistency in outcomes through robotic guidance. Outcomes can vary based on surgeon's experience.
Technological Advancements Incorporates cutting-edge robotic and imaging technology. Relies on traditional surgical tools and methods.
Suitability for Complex Cases Ideal for patients with complex hip anatomy or previous surgeries. May present challenges with anatomical variations.

How Does Robotic Hip Replacement Work?

  1. Robotic hip replacement surgery involves creating a 3D model of the hip joint to plan the procedure meticulously.
  2. During surgery, Dr. Makhija utilizes robotic assistance to ensure precise implant placement, enhancing the overall outcome.

Benefits of Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery in Navi Mumbai

  • Enhanced Precision: Robotic systems facilitate exacting surgical procedures for better-fitting implants.
  • Personalized Treatment: Tailored surgical plans improve outcomes by adapting to individual anatomies.
  • Quicker Recovery: Minimally invasive techniques often result in faster healing and less postoperative pain.
  • Extended Implant Longevity: Accurate placement contributes to longer-lasting hip replacements.

Experience the Freedom of Pain-Free Mobility with Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery in Navi Mumbai.

With Dr. Kunal Makhija - Esteemed Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon in Panvel, Navi Mumbai.

The Procedure: Step-by-Step

  1. Prior to surgery, detailed imaging is conducted to create a 3D model of your hip.
  2. This process facilitates precise planning of surgical cuts and placements, akin to a personalized surgical blueprint.
  1. On the day of surgery, you will receive general anesthesia. Dr. Kunal Makhija employs robotic technology to guide surgical movements, ensuring accuracy in hip replacement procedures at the Navi Mumbai Centre.
  2. The robot assists rather than performs the surgery, enhancing precision.
  1. Recovery commences immediately following surgery. A tailored rehabilitation plan will be provided, emphasizing the importance of physical therapy to restore mobility and strength.
  2. Regular follow-up appointments with Dr. Kunal Makhija will monitor and optimize your recovery progress.

Patient testimonials highlight the transformative impact

Why Choose Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery with Dr. Kunal Makhija in Navi Mumbai?

Who Would Benefit from Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery in Navi Mumbai?

Robotic hip replacement surgery offers substantial benefits to:

  • Individuals with severe hip arthritis or joint damage seeking relief.
  • Patients with complex hip conditions requiring precise surgical solutions.
  • Active individuals aiming to resume high-level physical activities.
  • Those with previous hip surgeries facing complications.


Robotic hip replacement surgery, led by Dr. Kunal Makhija in Navi Mumbai, represents an advanced solution for managing chronic hip pain. Its precision, personalized approach, and accelerated recovery times make it a preferred choice for individuals seeking improved quality of life.
Explore advanced robotic hip replacement surgery in Navi Mumbai with Dr. Kunal Makhija for enhanced mobility and improved quality of life.


Curious about robotic hip replacement surgery in Navi Mumbai? Here are answers to common questions:

Most patients can expect to resume normal activities within 6 to 12 weeks after robotic hip replacement surgery. However, individual recovery times may vary based on factors such as overall health, adherence to postoperative care, and the complexity of the surgery.

Yes, robotic hip replacement surgery is considered very safe. The use of robotic technology enhances precision during the procedure, which can reduce the risk of complications and improve overall outcomes compared to traditional methods.

With proper care and regular follow-ups, hip implants can last 15 to 20 years or even longer. Robotic assistance ensures better placement, potentially extending the lifespan of the implant by optimizing its positioning and alignment.

Yes, physical therapy is a crucial component of the recovery process following robotic hip replacement surgery. It helps patients regain strength, flexibility, and mobility in the hip joint, facilitating a quicker and more complete recovery.

Candidates typically include individuals suffering from severe hip arthritis or significant joint damage that hasn't responded to conservative treatments like medication or physical therapy. A thorough evaluation by Dr. Kunal Makhija will determine your suitability for robotic hip replacement surgery based on your specific condition and medical history.

These answers provide insights into what patients can expect regarding recovery, safety, longevity of implants, the necessity of physical therapy, and eligibility for robotic hip replacement surgery with Dr. Kunal Makhija in Navi Mumbai.

Transform your life with robotic hip replacement surgery in Navi Mumbai. Dr. Kunal Makhija ensures exceptional care, delivering unparalleled outcomes in orthopedic and joint replacement surgery.